Silke Buettner

Silke Buettner holds a diploma in Business Informatics.

She trained and consulted globally for over 8 years in one of Germanys most successful corporates.

Today, Silke is a successful real estate investor, business angel and guide to her clients to personal freedom and fincial independance.

The core of her philosophy is "Who's life I am living?"

Valentino (83)
Valentino (63)

Kati Israel

Kati Israel is since 2016 RE/MAX Estonia Regional Trainer of choice.

She combines her love for the industry with her passion for international speaking.

Kati has been repeatedly named as RE/MAX top producing agent and owned the franchise in Tallinn/Estonia.

With her extensive knowledge in real estate, she is one of the highest requested keynote speaker and travels the world.

She has been speaking on international stages in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and the United States.

Yasemin Yazan

Yasemin Yazan studied law and education with a focus on adult education and studied with the best mentors in the world, such as Tony Robbins, JT Foxx and Tobias Beck. For 15 years she has accompanied international companies such as Lufthansa and the Wall Street Institute on their path to transformation and was already on the same stage as Tony Robbins with 13,000 participants.

As an international keynote speaker, practitioner and scientist with more than 3000 days of experience in the field of digital transformation, she is an expert in her field. With her slogan "I'll show you how to dominate your market" she inspires and moves businesses. She combines short-term visible success with sustainable cultural development to prepare CEOs, entrepreneurs and companies for the new digital and social changes and take them to the next level.


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